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Dyes for Wood Staining and Printing Inks

Philopon® Overview

With this range, PHILODEN offers a versatile range of dyes that find its use in the production of wood staining and lacquers.

All the products of this range are available in a wide variety of colors, fulfil the standards typically required for such applications.


Solvent Wood Staining


Besides paints, wood stains are used as alternative way to color wooden articles. In contrast to paints, wood stains made from Philopon dyes allows the natural pattern of the wood to be visible. After treated with stains, wood often needs a top coat for protection since staining just provides coloration.


Solvent Born Lacquers


This is another field of application for which products from the PHILOPON range are the first choice. Dissolved in organic solvent systems together with a suitable resin (e.g. acrylate], our range of dyes can become the toolbox which allows to cover an extended color space.

Such lacquers can be applied on porous and non-porous surfaces in order to achieve a transparent coating.

When applied on reflective surfaces like metal foils, lacquers produced from our dyes can show their full potential regarding coforistic and transparency.

The Product

Our PHILOPON dyes are the perfect choice regarding attractive colors, high brilliancy and good fastnesses paired with easy handling at competitive costs.

For the production of solvent born wood staining, PHILODEN offers a comprehensive range of organic dyes which allows to mix the entire palette of typical wood shades.

With our products, which can be combined with each other, we provide the perfect basis for antique, rustic but also for modern decoration of interior and exterior wooden articles.

Please refer to the table below for detail result on solubility.

Compared to pigment based staining, dye based products don’t require any auxiliaries or additives. They are stir-in-products and don’t require complex technical equipment for the dissolving step.

Soluble solvent dyes have a versatile nature.

With this range, we offer dyes which have very good solubility in organic solvents like Ethanol, Ethyl Acetate, MEK, Methoxy- and Ethoxy-Propanol, Cellosolves, Benzyl Alcohol and in other Aliphatic and Aromatic Solvents. Solutions thereof do not get precipitated even after long term storage.

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Please refer to the table below for detail result on resistance towards chemicals and foodstuff.Note: Although some food (butter, oil and cheese) are used for testing of liposoluble migration, the products from our PHILOPON range are not intended to be used in direct contact with any kind of food since the dyes are not tested and approved for any food (relevant) compliance.

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For the production of lacquers, the same range of dyes can be used but compared to the formulation for wood staining, for lacquers, an additional binder e.g. acrylate or nitro cellulose(NC) can become part of the formulation.

Our products are developed to cover the market demands and to offer best possible performance to our customers.

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Key Features

  • Excellent Solubility; free of residue
  • Stable solutions, no precipitation, no sedimentation
  • Brilliant and high transparent shades
  • Good Fastness Properties
  • Cost effective tool box for staining and lacquery
  • Suitable for fiber spinning (meltspinning)

Technical Performance

Due to their high solubility in the organic solvents typically used for such products, they provide highly transparent shades, excellent brilliancy and high color strength which consequently allows high formulation flexibility.

Product Use

Dissolved in organic solvent systems, our dyes are particularly suitable for the production of transparent and relatively light fast shades in solvent based lacquers, wood and wood related finishings and coatings. PHILOPON is widely used for high transparent coatings on metalized polyester films and metal foils for packaging.