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Product Research and Development

In today’s ever changing business dynamics, new product design is imperative for success and survival of any company.

Following PHILODEN’s vision to bring maximum value for money to its customer, we are allocating a significant part of our revenue on R&D.

Owing to globalization and challenging market environment, it has become necessary to continuously review products or even a product range at times. New entrants in the market who add to the competition with their aggressive pricing also makes the need for innovation an utmost priority

“The better is the enemy of the good!” is a permanent motivational mantra for our research team.

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At PHILODEN, R&D activities are carried out by a dedicated group of experienced chemists and technicians. They are supported with well equipped labs and external centers of excellence.

Besides established test routines, analytical methods like UHPLC and thermal analysis like TGA and DSC are also used for evaluation of products and processes.

The focus of our activities is not only to reduce costs of products and processes but also to manufacture products of high purity which are free from contamination so as to reduce any arising risk of human health, environment and safety.

Since management’s focus is sustainability, we continuously work to bring out energy efficient processes which reduce the consumption of resources such as fuel, water, ice and electrical energy.

Further, it is our priority to see that maximum hygiene is maintained in production, packaging and transport so as to preserve our employees’ health.

PHILODEN is constantly in pursuit of becoming and staying a “Green Company”

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At PHILODEN, we define QC as a process which accompanies the whole life cycle of a product.
It starts with a comprehensive quality check on incoming raw material and all intermediates used for our manufacturing process.

All the components used are extensively checked by our experienced chemists and technicians in our well equipped labs.

As an ISO-certified company it goes without saying, that all the results found on materials used are reported and filed in order to make the entire production cycle of a specific lot transparent and retraceable.

At PHILODEN, we established TQM (Total Quality Management) which includes company-wide efforts to create an environment which enables us to deliver high quality products and services to our customers.

We understand TQM as a philosophy with following key elements:

  • Not PHILODEN; but our customers define the quality.
  • Direct responsibility for quality and quality-improvements is with the management.
  • Just systematic quality analysis and process improvements lead to better products.