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I want to take this opportunity to earnestly thank all our stakeholders for their long term association & unwavering trust in Philoden!

It gives me immense pride to write this message today.

Philoden Industries Pvt Ltd has today established a leadership position in Solvent Dyes & Pigment Manufacturing with a strong presence across a varied range of products. Formation of Philoden was an outcome of coming together of industry experts with knowledge, skills, experience and with a passion to bring innovation in the Indian solvent dye industry scenario.

We have re-invented ourselves and have widened our horizon by fully leveraging our core competency in developing new products & sustaining our superior product quality through years. We hold strong vision & values as an organisation, and our success revolves around the same.

Following Environmental Regulations is not just about being Compliant. It also gives us an opportunity to consistently strengthen our organisation through strategic, proactive measures—such as best practices, employee training, internal controls, and benchmarking which is a prerequisite for our growth in today’s dynamic environment.

We are continuously building strong alliances with our customers by providing them one stop solution for their requirements & developing customised products for them in long run.

We help them grow in their markets and they reciprocate with their continued patronage with us. We are governed by our strong value system and responsibility towards environment.

Achieving this we see ourselves as a frontrunner in developing strong global presence over coming years & evolving as an organization.

Director Philoden