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Philofast® Overview

With these products, the Indian leading producer of solvent dyes – PHILODEN Industries Pvt. Ltd. – is offering selected Pigments which are suitable for a wide variety of applications. FAST in the word PHILOFAST implies, the focus of this range is given to pigments providing good fastness properties.

Even though some of the pigments exhibit superior fastness properties compared to other products of this range, every single pigment offers the maximum cost to performance ratio.

Whether widely used pigments with focus on best economics, or products with superior technical performance, the pigments offered by PHILODEN are produced – and tested for their quality – according to state-of-the-art technology and global standards.

As with all the products from PHILODEN, PHILOFAST range is manufactured using excellent-grade materials for proficient performance and controlled on batch level in order to guarantee a constant and reliable quality and to provide maximum value to customers.
It goes without saying, that a comprehensive certificate of analysis for every production batch is provided.


The Product

Today, the PHILOFAST range consists of organic pigments with different colors and chemistries; all of them widely used in various industries and not just for mass coloration of plastics. Since this range is under active development, there are more products to come in the near future.

PHILOFAST efficiently disperses within a resin matrix. Widely used technology in order to disperse the pigments for solid master batches or compounds in an appropriate carrier is the extrusion process.

With the exception of Pigment Yellow 147, Pigment Yellow 196 and Pigment Orange 70, which can be partly dissolved in molten polymers, the PHILOFAST products are insoluble in the matrix they are applied.

Since pigments always tend to form agglomerates/aggregates, they have to be processed into color concentrates in order to get the best coloristic and color strength during down stream processing.

Depending on the polymer matrix, also batch- or continuous-kneaders, calendars or high speed mixers can be used.

Common technology used for production of pasty or liquid preparation can also involve dissolvers or wet-mills.

With this pigment range, PHILODEN is providing high quality products which gives its customers all the flexibility needed to select the best product for specific needs.

With PHILOFAST, we offer a selection of well established pigments for mass coloration of various polymers and a variety of applications. All the products exhibit the following properties and their application brings high value to customers.

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Key Features

  • Ease of Dispersion due to Controlled Particle Size
  • Low Pressure Build-up (tested on batch level)
  • Long Filter Cycles help to reduce Processing Costs
  • Every Product offers adequate Fastness Properties
  • All the products are non-toxic and free of any heavy metal

Technical Performance

Compared to polymer soluble products which dissolve in molten polymer, pigments are not soluble. In order to obtain the maximum coloristic value, they have to be dispersed in the polymer. Since this is not possible during the form giving process step (e.g. spinning or moulding), this dispersion step has to take place before processing. This means, that the final value of the coloration with a pigment or even with a polymer soluble dye, strongly depends on the skills of the masterbatcher.

PHILODEN offers their products in a form which supports this preparation, either by providing controlled particle size and PSD or by providing relevant data like specific surface or oil absorption.This enables the masterbatcher to optimise its processing conditions and formulations.

Besides the good fastness properties, our pigments generally offer superior heat stability. PHILODEN screens all the products for their stability using thermal analysis.

In addition to the above various tests where the colorants are exposed to light under different conditions and other fastness tests are also carried out. These tests give the over all picture of the performance of the products.


Product Use

PHILOFAST products are used in various applications and end-uses.

Although having different chemical structure, all the products of the PHILOPLAST range can be combined with each other; they are fully compatible.

Also combinations with Carbon Black (Pigment Black 7), Titanium dioxide (TiO2) or with additives like e.g. PHILOWHITE are possible.

Based on internal testing and the market feedback, PHILOPLAST products can be used according to following polymer recommendations, whereby mainly PBT, rarely PET is used for the preparation of high-end masterbatches or compounds.

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