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By adopting novel and sustainable concepts Philoden concentrates on maintaining environmental balance outside and also within the organization.


We strive to follow best environment practices and track operations across the organization to create a safe environment for our employees. By continuously improving and promoting environmental awareness amongst our employees, we actively display these values as a priority.

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  • Choose our partners very carefully and apply for memberships only in the best facilities. We are the affiliated with:
  • EICL(Enviro Infrastructure Co. Ltd., Umraya, Vadodara) for the disposal of Treated wastewater through approved tanker.
  • NECL(Nandesari Enviro Control Ltd, Nandesari, Vadodara) – for disposal of hazardous waste for TSDF or incineration through approved vehicle.
  • GSPL(Geohybrid Industrial Solutions, Palsana, Surat)- for disposal of hazardous waste for common incineration through approved vehicle.
  • RSPL (Recycling Solutions Private Limited, Panoli, Bharuch) – for disposal of hazardous waste for common incineration through approved vehicle.

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Water Management (Rain Water Harvesting)

The water required for domestic and industrial use comes from Bore-wells. Rainwater harvesting is done to recharge the bore-wells.
The capacity of bore wells is 4000 liters per hour.


Waste water Management

Wastewater generated during the manufacturing process is transferred to primary Effluent Treatment plant and is segregated into high and low COD and TDS stream for further treatment.


Multi Effect Evaporator (MEE)

With a capacity of 1000L per hour, high COD and TDS effluent is treated in MEE under steam and vacuum pressure.
The condensate collected is recycled and the residue is incinerated. Low COD and TDS effluent is treated in Soil Bio Technology (SBT).


Soil Bio Technology (SBT)

With a capacity of 100KL per day, low COD and TDS effluent is neutralized in the primary plant and then filtered by a filter press. It is then transferred to SBT. Ozone gas (generated in-house) is then passed through the effluent. The ozonized effluent is then transferred to a specially designed bio-reactor having filters and seeded with genetically engineered microbes. The microbes would further oxidize the organic material present in the effluent. The effluent is passed through four such bio-reactors one after the other, to ensure maximum oxidation. Finally, the treated effluent is collected and after testing, disposed to EICL (CETP), Umraya, for the further treatment.


Hazardous waste Management

Hazardous waste generated from Primary Plant, Incinerator Plant, Distillation residue, empty barrels, used bags are stored in specified area and are sent only to authorities.


Air Pollution Control Management

Flue gas from boiler stack, stack attached to incinerator and pulverizer room are the main sources of air pollution. We manage all the 3 sources as below: The boiler stack is attached with cyclone separator with bag filter and scrubber system. The incinerator stack is attached with scrubber system (alkaline liquid is circulated in the system) to absorb the gases evolved. The pulverizer room in equipped with a dust collection system having around 20 suction points to ensure dust free environment for our workers.


Solvent Recovery Management

The mixture separated from the product during filtration/centrifuge process is collected at separate storage facility and is then distilled to recover the different solvents at different temperature and conditions. The same is reused in production. The residue generated is collected and stored separately.


Fire & Safety

We have installed best fire-fighting system to ensure overall safety. Well trained firefighters are employed and are stationed round the clock. The whole unit is covered with hydrant line, hose rills, hose nozzles, Auto operating diesel pump sets, alarm system, water storage capacity 100 KL, siren system. Equipment such as DCP (5/10 kg), CO2 cylinders (4.5 kg), Foam carboys, safety showers, fire buckets, BA sets, Air line masks etc. are also present. The employees in the unit are provided with all types of safety equipments. They are also trained regularly on how to use fire-fighting equipment and handle chemicals properly.


Environmental Audit

We conduct environment related audits every quarter to ensure that best environment practices are carried out consistently.


Green Belt

Philoden procreates the green belt by Plantation of trees to enhance and maximize better environment conditions. We have a lush green factory campus with more than 1000 Trees.