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Dyes for Coloration of Liquids

Philonol® Overview

Under the trade name PHILONOL, we offer a range of liquid soluble dyes for the coloration of petroleum products, synthetic oils, lubricants, liquids for hydraulic systems and candle wax.

Our products offer high solubility and miscibility with aromatic high-flash systems. Thanks to low viscosity, the liquid dyes can be pumped, poured or metered directly into the medium to be colored


The Product

PHILODEN is supplying the liquid dyes singly and also as blends on request also as tailor made shade.

Solutions are stable even when stored over long period.

Due to the facts that all the products exhibit excellent miscibility in organic solvents, the production of blends doesn’t require special equipment. The liquids can be stirred-in into solvents without a lot of effort.

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Key Features

  • High Purity free of any fillers or extenders
  • Excellent miscibility in solvents
  • Strong coloration capabilities
  • Easy to handle simply stir-in
  • Good economics

Technical Performance

When blended with fuels or petroleum products, our dyes do not influence the performance of the fuels or petroleum products. They are added in very low concentrations(typically <10 ppm) and they just act as a color marker.

The properties of the fuel, diesel or kerosene is not altered by addition of our dyes and they also do not interfere with the incineration process in heating burners or injection jets as installed in diesel- or gasoline-engines.


Product Use

The main application field is Fiscal Fuel Marking.

When dissolved in fuel, our dyes ensures, that the fuel is taxed at the appropriate levels which is crucial to the economic development within the fiscal infrastructure.

The products can be used singly or in blends in order to match custom shades.

Coloration of fuel or diesel also allows to distinguish between different grades of fuel, it allows easy corporate identification and supports prevention of fuel theft.

To color fuels, also adds an aesthetic component.


Typical end-uses we find in the coloration/marking of:

  • High Purity free of any fillers or extenders
  • Excellent miscibility in solvents
  • Excellent miscibility in solvents
  • Easy to handle simply stir-in
  • Good economics