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Polymer Soluble Dyes and Pigments

Philoplast® Overview

This range, offered by the Indian leading producer of dyes – PHILODEN Industries Pvt. Ltd. – is build on especially selected Polymer Soluble Colorants for the mass coloration of a wide variety of synthetic polymers.

In this product line PHILOPLAST, we merge an extensive palette of dyes of different coloristics and based on different chemistries; but all of them fulfilling the strictest requirements for mass coloration of polyesters and other engineering plastics and provide maximum flexibility to our customers.

Whether widely used colorants with focus on best economics, or products which are top regarding their technical performance, all the colorants or preparations offered by PHILODEN are produced – and tested for their quality – according state-of-the-art technology and global standards.

The PHILOPLAST products are controlled and certified on batch level in order to guarantee a constant and reliable quality and to provide maximum value to customers.


In addition to the above PHILOPLAST range are tested as per the below tests:

  • AZO DYES — as per EN-14362-1 :2012
  • HEAVY METALS — as per AP(89)1
  • TOXIC ELEMENTS MIGRATION TEST — as per EN71-3 :2013 +Al:2014

In all the above tests no critical concentrations or harmful substances were detected.

The Product

Currently, more than 30 products are offered in the PHILOPLAST range.

Based on generic name, they can be grouped into Solvent Dyes, Disperse Dyes and Pigments. In this regard, Pigments are – other than their name suggest – polymer soluble.

In molten polymer, they dissolve- the level of dissolution depends on sheer forces applied during processing, dwell time in the molten polymer and also on the temperature of the polymer melt.

For the PHILOPLAST range, various criteria have been applied for the selection of products. It offers products for various end-uses keeping in mind the economics of coloration.

The current range also includes few Azo Dyes. These do not harm human health since no amines – listed on the German Azo Ban Document – are detected during cleavage.

A respective certificate is available on request.

PHILODEN is convinced that with this range, all needs of our customers can be satisfied without compromising on quality aspects.

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Key Features

The use of PHILOPLAST offers the following technical and economical benefits

  • Residue-free High Solubility in Polymer results in highly transparent shades
  • High Color Yield offers attractive coloration costs
  • Wide palette of brilliant and clean shades offers wide-ranging flexibility
  • Excellent Product Purity (HPLC) combined with Good Thermo Stability and excellent FPV.
  • Good product properties guarantee trouble free processing

Technical Performance

Besides the attractive coloristics that polymer soluble dyes are generally offering, their heat stability has always been a main concern.

PHILODEN is aware of that, and screenings all its products for heat stability using thermal analysis and plastic relevant heat stability test according to DIN EN1277-2.

In addition to the above various tests where the colorants are exposed to light under different conditions and other fastness tests are also carried out. These tests give the over all picture of the performance of the products.

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Product Use

Although having different chemical structure, all the products of the PHILOPLAST range can be combined with each other; they are fully compatible.

Also combinations with Carbon Black (Pigment Black 7), Titanium dioxide (TiO2) or with additives like e.g. PHILOWHITE are possible. The products’ good heat stability allows their use in a wide variety of engineering plastics and for a broad palette of applications.

Based on internal testing and the market feedback, PHILOPLAST products can be used according to following polymer recommendations, whereby mainly PBT, rarely PET is used for the preparation of high-end masterbatches or compounds.

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