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Car & Signal Lights

01 Oct, 2020

A key feature of polymer soluble dyes is high solubility that they exhibit in engineering plastics. Therefore, they provide high transparent shades which makes them the preferred choice for car- and signal-lights over pigments. Pigments used, in general results in more opaque coloristic.

In addition, all dyes from our PHILOPLAST® range offer brilliant shades with high color strength : both are beneficial for high visibility.

Injection molding is the preferred technology. These molded color filters are used in the production of car tail lights and also for signal lights used for traffic control and road marking. Polymer soluble dyes are also widely used for illuminating advertising and neo signs. Since all our dyes can be blended with each other, endless combinations offer a wide spectrum of bright and attractive shades at fair cost.

For- car and signal lights we recommend following products which are used by our customers.

  • PHILOPLAST® Orange 3G
  • PHILOPLAST® Yellow Red GHS
  • PHILOPLAST® Yellow Blue B
  • PHILOPLAST® Yellow Green 5BP

Our PHILOPLAST® dyes provide the following features, required for such application.

  • High solubility in polymers and free of any residue resulting in bright shades
  • High transparency and high color strength
  • Very good compatibility in engineering plastics
  • Good Fastness to light and weather
  • Good Heat Resistance
  • Low sublimation

Download PDF : 15442021024437.pdf

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